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Asia Nano Forum(ANF) had International Workshop on Nanotechnology from Innovation to Application on 17 May 2018 at Institute of Physics, Academia, Taipei, Taiwan, and also had ANF SUMMIT on May18 this year.

International Workshop on Nanotechnology from Innovation to Application introduced policy and opportunity of Nanotechnology Commercialization of IRAN , MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES, and THAILAND.

Accordingly, it took up Business Activities and Investment opportunity. It called seven startups and SMEs from advanced four countries. In outside of hall, there were those exhibitions.


PROGRAM of International Workshop on Nanotechnology: from Innovation to Application 17 May 2018 :
Institute of Physics, Academia, Taipei, Taiwan


Opening Remarks : Dr. Ting­Kuo Lee, Chair of Organizing Committee Dr. Chun­Chieh Wu, Director General of Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development, MOST

Keynote Speech: An Introduction to New Southbound Policy of Taiwan
Mr. James Huang, Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TAIWAN

Session I. Policy and Opportunity of Nanotechnology Commercialization Invited talks by ANF members
Prof. Dr. Ali Beitollahi ( Director of International Collaboration and Nanostandardization
Committees, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council ), IRAN
Dr. Rezal Khairi Ahmad ( Chief Executive Officer, NanoMalaysia Berhad ), MALAYSIA
Dr. Blessie A. Basilia ( Chief Science Research Specialist, Materials Science Division, ITDI ),
Dr. Wannee Chinsirikul ( Executive Director, National Nanotechnology Center ), THAILAND

Lunch Break

Production Demonstration / Exchange of market Opportunity

Session II. Business Activities and Investment Opportunity
Invited talks by Startup/SME/Companies from Taiwan and ANF members
Dr. LaiKwan Chau ( Founder of Instant NanoBiosensors Corporation ), TAIWAN
Dr. Roland Ho ( Founder of Innovative Nanotech Inc. ), TAIWAN
Dr. Jiang-­Jen (JJ) Lin ( Founder of J&A Technology Corporation ), TAIWAN
Dr. Chin­Chih Tai ( Founder of Aura Materials ), TAIWAN
Dr. Kitti Supchunkun ( Founder of Klean GreenTech Co., Ltd and Founder of Grenades
Biotech ),


On May 18, ANF organized ANF SUMMIT 2018 at Courtyard Taipei. This time we had an exited discussion.

Each country introduced their science and technologies’ policies and activities as is customary with ANF SUMMIT. Moreover we visited Taiwan’s Vice President Chen, Chien-Jen. VP Chen was an Academician and scholar in the area of life science and public health.