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Asia Nano Forum exhibited at the Japan nanotech 2018, and also had ANF Commercialization Workshop on Feb16 this year. Every year, the ANF booth showcased exciting nanotechnology R&D, policy and commercialization activities from Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Austria. This event presents excellent learning opportunities for our participating members to learn the state of the art nanotechnology development but also an unique partnership opportunity as well. Hosted by ANF Japan Committee, one of ANF members, ANF organized the first Executive Committee (ExCo) meeting of 2018 on Feb. 15th, 2018 at AIST Tokyo water front site.


ANF collaborated with Nanotechnology Business Creation Initiative (NBCI) Japan in NBCI’s annual roundtable discussion on nanotechnology updates from different countries including Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan and USA. Rezal represented ANF commercialization working group (CWG) and presented ANF CWG’s planning and invitation for collaborations.

The ANF ExCo meeting was very well participated by most of its members and observers from 9 economies including Austria, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan Thailand and Indonesia. The meeting reviewed ANF activities and financials in 2017. Future strategic matters including summit 2018 and beyond as well as membership growth was elaborated as well.

Moreover, we had ANF Commercialization Workshop as follows;

Time and Date:
13:00-16:00, February 16th, 2018

610 Conference Room in the Conference Tower 6th Floor of Tokyo Big Sight

Asia Nano Forum Commercialization Working Group
J. Sone (JST, Japan), R. K. Ahmed (NMB, Malaysia), and A. Pogany (BVMIT, Austria)

To share the information on commercialization activities of emerging technologies of each country centered on Asia, particularly focusing on the activities of SMEs and venture companies, and to discuss the issues and promotion measures of the emerging technology commercialization Main Discussion Technologies: Electronics (particularly various sensors associated with IoT), Robotics, Advanced Materials, Energy Devices (Batteries, Solar Cells, & Power devices)

Jun’ichi Sone (JST, Japan), Co-chair: Yukio Kimura (AIST, Japan)



  • Introduction of ANF & its Commercialization Working Group
    Alexander Pogany (BVMIT, Austria)
  • Commercialization activities of emerging technologies of each country centered on Asia, particularly focusing on the activities of SMEs and Startups
    USA (Lisa E. Friedersdorf, NNCO)
    Germany (Peter Grambow, Nanoinitiative Bayern)
    Japan (Hiroyuki Kaneko, Japan Science and Technology Agency)
    Taiwan (Ting-kuo Lee, Academia Sinica)
    Malaysia (Daniel Bien, NanoMalaysia Berhad)
    Iran (Ali Beitollahi, Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council)
    Thailand (Pavadee Augkavattana, NANOTEC)



  • Business activities and unique technologies of promising venture companies in Japan
    Power Device (Takuto Igawa, Fosfia)
    Healthcare Sensor (Osamu Yanagisawa, PGV)
    Display Material (Junji Adachi, Kyulux)
    Advanced Material (Takayuki Suzuki, Photo electron Soul)
    Medical Operation Robot (Kenji Kawashima, Riverfield)
  • Discussion on the issues and the promotion measures of the emerging technology commercialization