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International Workshop on Nanotechnology and ANF SUMMIT 2018

May 17-18, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan

Asia Nano Forum(ANF) had International Workshop on Nanotechnology from Innovation to Application on 17 May 2018 at Institute of Physics, Academia, Taipei, Taiwan, and also had ANF SUMMIT on May18 this year.

International Workshop on Nanotechnology from Innovation to Application introduced policy and opportunity of Nanotechnology Commercialization of IRAN , MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES, and THAILAND.

Accordingly, it took up Business Activities and Investment opportunity. It called seven startups and SMEs from advanced four countries. In outside of hall, there were those exhibitions.

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Winter 2018

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Post-doctoral fellowship

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Asia Nano Forum (ANF)

A network organization, founded in May 2004 and now a registered society in Singapore, known as Asia Nano Forum Society, since Oct 2007.

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Promoting responsible development of nanotechnology






To coordinate the cross-sector activities of ANF members for the purpose of facilitating the development of standards in the area of nanotechnology.


To inspire and train the future generation of leaders to drive nanotechnology R&D towards responsible development and sustainability of humanity.


To establish better awareness of the infrastructure available on the micro/nanofabrication and characterization facilities in the ANF community and thus promote a synergistic bridging among ANF members with interdisciplinary integration and communication.

Nano Safety

To co-ordinate nanosafety activities in the region through the Asia Nano Safe network, including harmonization of nano safety training, safety-by-design approach to nanotechnology development and translational nano research to the marketplace.


To realise economic value of Nanotechnology Research & Development through commercialising demand driven and technology push initiatives in partnership with the industry for sustainable development of ANF member economies.

A network organization in Nanotechnology


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Here’s what just some of our ANC 2016 participants have said


I realized that even a seemingly good thing will have its potential risks hidden in its behind, just like an old saying said “every coin has two sides”. I think I will pay much attention on another side of nanotechnology during my future research.

Xiuguo CHEN — China

I had the possibility to broaden my horizons and leave my comfort zone by positioning myself in front of a crowd to present as well as participate actively in a debate.

Isabella WINTER — Austria

ANC provided the very useful information in the field of risk assessments of new technologies and sustainability. These are the subjects that I never think about them before.


It gives me a broader perspective on my and also on others’ research work, not technically but on the safety and sustainability impact it could lead to, for our future generations.

Kheng Lee TAN — Singapore

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