Working Groups


To coordinate the cross-sector activities of ANF members for the purpose of facilitating the development of standards in the area of nanotechnology. Through this working group, ANF is an official member of ISO/TC229 and IEC/TC113 Standards for Nanotechnologies.


Dr. Tsing-Tang SONG (ITRI, Taiwan)
[email protected]

The purpose of the User-Facility Network working group is to advance exchange and partnership activities of professional engineers/researchers in academia and industry.

Activity plan in 2020
  1. Mutual exchange program of professional engineers/researchers in ANF economies for 2~4 weeks .
  2. Host research institute arranges training and practice programs and accommodation.
Examples of training program
  1. Materials analysis course
  2. Observations and Analysis course
  3. Nanofabrication course
  4. Nanobio course

Dr. Y. Koide (NIMS, Japan)

Nano Safety and Risk Management

  1. To coordinate nanosafety activities in the region through the Asia Nano Safety Network, including harmonization of nano safety training, safety-by-design approach to nanotechnology development and translation of nano research to the marketplace.
  2. To provide a coordinated response for community concerns and engagement on nanotechnology safety and risk management issues.

Dr. Wannee CHINSIRIKUL (National Nanotechnology Center: NANOTEC, Thailand)
[email protected]

Dr. Paul WRIGHT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: RMIT University, Australia)
[email protected]


To realise economic value of Nanotechnology Research & Development through commercialising demand driven and technology push initiatives in partnership with the industry for sustainable development of ANF member economies.


Dr. Rezal Khairi Ahmad (NanoMalaysia, Malaysia)
[email protected]

Mr. Pogany Alexander (BMVI, Austria)
[email protected]

Dr. Junichi Sone (JST, Japan)
[email protected]