Working Groups



To inspire and train the future generation of leaders to drive nanotechnology R&D towards responsible development and sustainability of humanity There are two flagship events in this working group namely Asia Nanotech Camp (ANC) and International Nanotechnology Olympiad (INO) which provide platform for young scientists to learn the latest nanotechnology development, forge early collaborations and addressing nano enabled innovation for solving problems related to sustainability. of humanity.


Dr. Lerwen LIU(NanoGlobe, Singapore)
[email protected]


Nano safety and Risk Management

To co-ordinate nanosafety activities in the region through the Asia Nano Safe network, including harmonization of nano safety training, safety-by-design approach to nanotechnology development and translational nano research to the marketplace. Also, to provide a co-ordinated response for community concerns and engagement on nanotechnology safety and risk management issues. This working group has been playing an active role in the annual International Symposium on Nanotechnology Occupational and Environmental Health (NanOEH) through offering Asia Nanosafety Award to distinguished young researchers.


Dr. Paul WRIGHT (Australia)
[email protected]