Education Group (EG) [email protected]
Coordinator: Dr. Lerwen LIU(NanoGlobe, Singapore) [email protected]
Prof. Chung-Yu, WU(NCTU, Taiwan) [email protected]
Asia Nano Camp
Asia Nanotech Camp is a program initiated by Asia Nano Forum (ANF) as a platform for young nanotechnology researchers to learn about the state-of-the-art nanotech advancements and global development updates, collaborate with interdisciplinary team members and explore the culture of the local host. It provides a unique opportunity for these young researchers to communicate, network, inspire each other and share learning. ANC has been hosted by Japan (2008), Taiwan (2009), Singapore and Malaysia (2010), Korea (2011),China (2012), Indonesia(2013) and Iran(2014).
Asia Nano Camp 2015 ( August 2nd – 7th, 2015, Singapore)
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR (IMRE)
Asia Nano Forum
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR (IMRE)
ANF Secretariat(Singapore): Ms. Hongfang JIN, [email protected], +65 92378256
Participants Requirement

  • Each member organization is requested to nominate up to 2 participants, who should be motivated young scientist and students with excellent leadership and team work – PhD students and early career researchers (within 3 years of their PhD graduation) pursuing in the area of nano technology
Venue and Accommodation:

Accommodation: Nanyang Executive Centre

Documents for download
Tentative Program
Asia Nano Camp 2014 ( October 8th-15th, 2014, Tehran, Iran )
Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council
Asia Nano Forum
Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council
Local(Indonesia): Mr. Mohsen Mohammadniaei, [email protected]
ANF Secretariat(Singapore): Ms. Hongfang JIN, [email protected], +65 92378256
Briefing of ANC2014 program: The program will include a range of interesting activities starting with a visit to the 7th International Nanotechnology Festival, following participation in Iran Nanotechnology “Top-10” Award Ceremony. The program also comprises attending different workshops presented by technical experts in various areas and visiting highly regarded research institutes. Participation in the 3rd international forum on nanotechnology economy, which will be held co-currently with the ANC, is also in the plan. Participants are kindly requested to share their latest research achievements, activities, work on group assignments and present their findings. An exotic sightseeing tour is another fascinating part of the host’s plan for the participants.
Participants Requirement

  • We would hereby like to invite each ANF member to nominate their representatives for this camp. Ph.D. students, post-docs and early-career scientists working in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are the target group of ANC 2014.
  • Maximum 3 applicants from each member country can be candidated for the participation in ANC 2014.
Venue and Accommodation:


Documents for download
ANC2014 Proposal with agenda
Registration form
Visa application form
Asia Nano Camp 2013 ( October 1st – 10th, 2013, Serpong, Indonesia )
Surya Univeristy
Asia Nano Forum
Surya University
Local(Indonesia): Ms.srisetiowati seiful, [email protected]
ANF Secretariat(Singapore): Ms. Hongfang JIN, [email protected], +65 92378256
The Asia Nano Camp 2013 (ANC2013) aims to promote responsible development of nanotechnology through highlighting how nanotechnology is adopted in the manufacturing of products used in everyday life including energy, water, health, space, transportation, ICT, etc.We not only address how nanotech enabling advantages such as high performance, low carbon footprint and lower cost, but also address the product life cycle to educate the participants how products are made and where they end up after being used and how they may be recycled. We would like to challenge researchers and engineers to invent technologies and design products which contribute to a sustainable planet through nano innovation.
Participants Requirement

  • Motivated young scientists and students with excellent leadership and team work quality-Early career researchers (graduated within 5 years), PhD students.
  • Technical background covering at least one of the following areas including
    • functional materials (Nanocarbon, etc)
    • micro/nano manufacturing (MEMS, Printed Electronics, Nanoimprint)
    • displays and lighting (LED, OLED, LCD)
    • nanoelectronics
    • nano medicine
    • energy storage
    • nanocomposites
  • 3-5 candidates from each member economy and the host economy offer minimum of 10 participants
Venue and Accommodation:
Yasmin Hotel Karawaci
Jalan Raya Binong no.8 Curug, Tangerang Indonesia 15810
+62-21-598 2201
ANC 2013 Commitee will provide Airport transfer. Make sure to inform your flight detail to [email protected] or [email protected] or you can also message to +62-812-81811261. Please check ANC 2013 Signage at the airport.
Documents for download
ANC2013 Summary
Buletin with Program
Additional Buletin for IWON
IWON Poster Template
IWON Program
Asia Nano Camp 2012 ( July 6th – July 15th, 2012, Beijing/Tianjin, China
Peking University
Asia Nano Forum the Peking University, Chinese International NEMS Society, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Science and Technology Museum
Local(China): Mr. Xiaosheng ZHANG,[email protected] ; Ms. Yiqing WANG,[email protected]
ANF Secretariat(Singapore): Ms. Hongfang JIN, [email protected], +65 92378256
Document for Download:
Poster template
Second announcement
ICAN paper template
First announcement
Asia Nano Camp 2011 ( Aug. 15 – Aug. 28, 2011 , Korea )
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Korea
Korea Nono Technology Research Society
National Nanotechnology Policy Center
Asia Nano Forum (ANF)
KANC, KIMM, KIMS, KIST, KRISS, LG Electronics, NCNT, Nano Korea Organizing Committee, National Nanofab Center, NRF, POSCO, Park Systems, Samsung Electronics, Seoul National University, Sahmyook University


Event or Lab Tour



Arrival in Korea.
– Accommodation: Holiday Inn Seongbuk



Open Ceremony (Sahmyook Univ.)
Lab Tour : KIST(


Lectures, Lab Tour : Seoul National Univ.(
LG Electronics(


Lectures, Lab Tour : Park Systems(



Lectures, Lab Tour : NNFC(



Traditional Place Tour, cultural Experiences


Lectures, Lab Tour : KRISS (


Lectures, Lab Tour : KIMS(



Lectures, Lab Tour : POSCO(



Lectures, Lab Tour : NCNT(
Seminar : Oral Presentation, Holiday Inn Seongbuk





Seminar: Poster Presentation, KINTEX
Farewell Party & Award Ceremony, KINTEX


Seoul Tour, Watching the Nanta performance


brochure download 
Asia Nano Camp 2010 ( Oct. 3 – Oct 14 , 2010 , Singapore and Malaysia)
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)
Akademi Sains Malaysia
Asia Nano Forum (ANF)

The program will include technical lectures by experts in various areas of nanotechnology, industry seminars, visits to universities and research institutes, as well as networking/ social activities. The participants are also requested to share their research activities, work on group assignments and present their findings at the workshop.

The organizing committees will provide local hospitality including accommodation, meals, local transportation, and social activities. Each participating county is expected to provide roundtrip airfare for their representatives.

We would hereby like to invite all ANF member countries to nominate their representatives for this camp. Kindly ensure that the participants are working in the area of nanotechnology and are under the age of 35 (final year PhD candidates or post-doctoral researchers preferred).

Camp Accommodation:
Singapore: Park Hotel @ Clarke Quay

1. Arrive in Singapore on October 3rd
2. Leave for Malaysia on October 9th (transport provided)
3. Back to Singapore on October 14th (transport provided) and fly to home country on October 15 (1 night accommodation provided on October 14th in Singapore)

Tentative Program:

Asia Nano Camp 2009 ( Sep 28 – Oct 12 , 2009 , Taiwan )
Taiwan National Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Program Office (NNP)
Taiwan Advanced Nanotechnology Education Program(ANEP)
Asia Nano Forum (ANF)
Asia Nano Camp 2008 ( Feb 4-21 , 2008, Japan )
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Tokyo Institute of Technology (TOKYO TECH)
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Asia Nano Forum (ANF)